APFT Academy

Asia Pacific Flight Training Sdn Bhd opened its academy of flight training, Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT), to specialize in airline pilot courses for commercial airlines at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu Kelantan.


APFT is fully accredited by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia as an advanced tertiary training institution. Internationally recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), APFT has been selected by Malaysia Airlines and other major airlines as an approved organization for flight training of their cadet pilots.


At APFT training cadets are exposed to an aviation environment where airline domestic operations occur daily. Sultan Ismail Petra Airport operates a first-class airfield, equipped with Radar, Instrument Landing System and other approach aids.


Asia Pacific Flight Training is a fully accredited college of flight training, approved to teach and examine students for:

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • Multi-Engine & Instrument Ratings
  • Assistant Flight Instructor Course




APFT Services

APFT Services will provide chartered commercial flight services targeted at unscheduled flights requirements and leisure seekers who wish to travel by light aircraft to their desired destinations. We believe that we are well positioned to offer chartered commercial flight services as we already have our own hangar.

APFT Services APFT Services


APFT Engineering

APFT Engineering currently provides MRO services within the Group. We intend to provide the MRO services to external clientele, ensuring another sustainable revenue generator for our Group.

APFT Engineering APFT Engineering


APFT Maintenance Training

APFT Maintenance Training will be providing maintenance training programmes for students. The students are required to undergo practical training as part of their stipulated training syllabus by their respective education providers. We see an uptrend in the demand for engineering education and training services and intend to leverage on our experience and expertise in this area to further expand our scope of services and revenue streams.

APFT Maintenance Training


APFT Express

APFT Express provides forex repatriation through Western Union.

APFT Express